About us

Earth Girl Hosting (EGH) was built after its founder could never find a host that had all of the features she wanted in order to host her design clients for whom she had created awesome websites. Side note: We still build websites!

Her design clients always called her their “Website Super Hero”, so she decided to go with a super hero theme (hence the logo). The name just popped up – earth (world wide web) and girl (its founder), and of course the 1980’s horrible rom-com movie, Earth Girls Are Easy. Earth Girl makes hosting easy, so it was funny and interesting to mix it all and come up with Earth Girl Hosting.

Going from host to host, looking for a solution that offered 24/7 live support, used industry leading technology, and, with great importance, treated valued clients with compassion and kindness brought forth a fruitless search, and so Earth Girl Hosting was born. That last point is what we find very important, treating customers with dignity, kindness, understanding. Being a company that can read customer queries or listen to their voices, consider the matter, and come up with a solution in a human way is what differentiates Earth Girl Hosting from other hosting companies.

You have to ask yourself, how many times have you contacted any company within the last few years, and get robot-like answers for your specific questions? Or, here’s a good one, you ask a question, and they answer in a way that doesn’t make sense, giving you the sense that they don’t know what they’re talking about and that they haven’t even read your question.

What we offer:
– A 24/7/365 human support team that is always a phone call or ticket away. A team that tries their best to understand your query and answer as fast as they can.
– Industry leading servers in the USA with a 100% uptime guarantee.
– Help and guidance with difficult issues your website may throw at you.
– An accessible owner who is ready to jump in and help you, personally.

At Earth Girl Hosting, every client is important to us and we’re invested in your success. Read more about the benefits of choosing a host like us.