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: A developer implementing website security

5 ways to Implement Website Security

By Earth Girl Hosting / March 6, 2021

With cybercrime occurring more frequently, many website owners are at risk of becoming a target. It’s nothing personal against you, but rather just the way cybercriminals try to exploit weaknesses in a website’s security. They don’t go around looking for websites to attack as this process would be time-consuming and arduous to implement. Instead, they…

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Using Gmail to Handle EarthGirl Email

By Earth Girl Hosting / September 13, 2020

Using Gmail to manage your mail is a great way to save space on your server, and it’s really handy, too! Here’s how: From your Gmail account, click the Settings icon on the top-right of your screen, then select See All Settings. Click Accounts and Import from the top menu. Incoming Email In the section marked Check mail from…

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Why Use a Small Web Host?

By Earth Girl Hosting / November 29, 2016

This Better Be Good, Right? Earth Girl Hosting is a woman-owned, small yet thriving business. We are dedicated to providing excellent support for our clients. Some large hosting companies offer similar products for less – so why should you choose Earth Girl Hosting? Small Business for Small Business I understand small business. I understand bottom…

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Putting Your Website on Hold

By Earth Girl Hosting / September 30, 2016

Most asked question of the year – how can I put my site on hold?  If you’re not currently working your website, and it’s just costing you money by sitting there, what can you do? First, you must understand that whether or not you’re using your website, it’s still taking up space on the server.…

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How to Manage Hosting Account Quotas and Overages?

By Earth Girl Hosting / June 6, 2016

As a website owner, it’s important that you become familiar with these steps to prevent overage. Earth Girl Hosting offers some plans (Site Builder) with FlexUse billing so your account will never go down due to overage! Some of our other plans (Premiere) do not include FlexUse, so you will never get charged more, but…

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What is a Dedicated IP Address?

By Earth Girl Hosting / September 22, 2015

What is an IP Address? An IP address is a set of numbers that identifies a device on a network. All connections to the Internet also have a unique IP address – your router, your phone (when not on Wi-Fi), and much more. What is My IP Address? There are many services online that will…

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