Cancellation & Refunds

Domain Cancellation

While domains cannot be canceled or terminated, you can stop them from auto-renewing, which eventually leads to their expiration. At that point, anyone can register that domain.

View our instructions about how to cancel your domain renewal.

Hosting Cancellation

All hosting accounts must be canceled through the client portal, without exception. This is for security reasons. We do not accept cancellation requests via email, phone call/message, or support ticket.

View our instructions about how to cancel your hosting account.

Please note that canceling your hosting deletes all files, emails, images, and any other data on your website, so you should have a backup should you ever need these files in the future. This is something that you'll need to do. It will create a file that you'll download and save to your computer.

Hosting Refunds

All canceled accounts are manually reviewed, please allow up to 14 days for refunds to appear. Refunds are processed on accounts canceled through the system using the following guidelines:

  • First-time accounts will be refunded in full within the first 30 days and only after the account has been canceled.
  • Accounts canceled at end of billing period will be refunded any credit showing on the account.
  • Accounts with greater than 14 days of service remaining will be issued a pro-rata refund of up to 2 months.
  • Accounts on payment plans other than month-to-month will be recalculated based on usage and refunded according to the guidelines above (i.e., annual plan discounts will not be applied if less than 12 months of service is utilized).
  • In any of the above cases, when processing a refund, we reserve the right to keep up to 5% of the total amount that you originally paid in order to pay off any payment gateway processing fee that is kept by them during refunds.

Non-Refundable Services & Costs

The following services & costs are non-refundable:

  • A client's bank's international foreign transaction fee and any other extra fee not charged by Earth Girl Hosting.
  • Domain registrations, renewals, transfers, and redemptions.
  • Domain ID/Privacy protection.
  • Dedicated IP addresses.
  • SSL Certificates.
  • SiteLock.
  • Weebly website builder.
  • SpamExperts email anti-spam.
  • marketgoo.
  • Design, development, and maintenance services rendered.

Termination Due to Non-Payment

Earth Girl Hosting reserves the right to terminate any service due to non-payment or violation of our Terms of Service and/or Acceptable Use Policy. Having a payment method that has insufficient funds, such as a debit/credit card, is not allowed. A client must have a valid and funded card at all times.

Please see section 1a of Website Hosting Terms and Condition