Why Use a Small Web Host?

This Better Be Good, Right?

Earth Girl Hosting is a woman-owned, small yet thriving business. We are dedicated to providing excellent support for our clients. Some large hosting companies offer similar products for less - so why should you choose Earth Girl Hosting?

Small Business for Small Business

I understand small business. I understand bottom lines, supply and demand, checks and balances, overhead, the stress and the benefits. I get it!

In my years of running and creating websites, I ran into so many frustrating obstacles with web hosts. I bounced from host to host, but I was always left frustrated with the lack of response and lack of features. I am now my own most critical customer! That makes me your best advocate on the hosting line. Your hosting should never hold you back, and if it does, we'll find a way to fix it!

Earth Girl Hosting Service & Support

Website Design & Development

We've been designing ecommerce and informational websites for businesses and nonprofits for a long time now. Our team can take care of your website needs and our hourly rate isn't too high at 35 USD per hour.

Phone & Ticket Support

What I've found with most web hosts is that tech support is often handled by the owner(s). I'm nothing if not a realist! I know that I have time and, as painful as it is to admit, sometimes knowledge limitations.  I can't always be reached when you need help, and that wasn't acceptable to me. Enter 24/7/365 tech support! This is an expense I'm not willing to forego.

When I ran my previous online businesses, sometimes my best working hours were somewhere around midnight. If you run into a problem at midnight then you want help at midnight (or close to it!)

Our support is handled by us and by a Canadian company that has been working with us for over 10 years. Most hosting companies' support teams are outsourced because it makes business sense. In choosing a support team, I made sure that we found techs that were friendly, knowledgeable, affable, speak proper English, and easy to understand. We have a team that is dedicated to Earth Girl customers. While you may rarely reach the same tech twice, they work with each other in their respective locations and are able to speak amongst themselves to reach solutions. They are also familiar with my business, and we keep in close touch to be sure all service issues are addressed with your best interests at heart.

Our support staff takes security seriously, and they always have an upline for more difficult situations. I trust them completely, and I know you can, too!

Our Servers

I've been on the losing end of poor server service in the past, and that's a lesson that only needed to be taught once. Earth Girl servers are based in the United States. They are constantly monitored by industry experts, constantly scanned for weaknesses, and the server team is always on call for our support team.

Quality servers are the crux of my business, and I will not compromise on their quality.

We've heard stories from our clients, telling us how other known companies have lost their data, erased their websites, didn't have a backup, and so on. The damage it did to their business was substantial. Suffice it to say, it doesn't happen with us. Our daily backups go off-site in a secure system and our servers are extremely reliable.

We Won't Hold You Back

When I see "hosting super-stores" offering $2/mo. hosting, I can't help but wonder what they're letting slide to make this cost-effective? If I could make a profit and offer the same level of service that I do with these deals, I'd do it. But the fact is that I've chosen to bring you the best in services and products instead. I know that If I make a profit on a $2 sale, that leaves you with a very questionable product!

It's so true that when you support small business, you support a family. That family appreciates you! In turn, my family will always support the business that cares and goes the extra mile.

We're here to help you succeed! If you ever feel our services aren't a fit for you, there will be no hard feelings. I understand you must do what's best for your business and your budget. I do hope you'll consider all of the points above, and maybe choose another small business to suit your needs in the future, even if it's not mine!

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