Creating an Optimal Business Website

A buyer is more likely to go with a company that shows that it values and knows the buyer as a distinct individual, rather than with a company that merely keeps claiming that they care about you or your business – without any evidence to prove that. If you care about your customers, you need…

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Top qualities of an efficient social media partner

Top Qualities of an Efficient Social Media Partner

During the initial few months of the pandemic, we saw enterprises rush towards social media to stay afloat during the lockdown when traditional marketing channels were not operable. Brick and mortar stores closed, and online stores opened but not every enterprise that switched to digital platforms succeeded. There can be many reasons why businesses fail,…

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Ways to increase the impact of your link building campaigns

5 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Link Building Campaigns

Whether you are new to the digital marketing field or a seasoned expert, you are probably well aware of link-building campaigns’ importance. Links help improve your search engine rankings, increase your visibility, and improve your chances of being seen by your potential customers. Here, we discuss what link-building campaigns are and list five ways to…

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Starting an e-commerce business

7 Things to Know Before Starting an E-Commerce Business

Ever since the pandemic, more and more businesses have been forced to transition to online marketplaces instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar business model. Who can blame them, though, as today’s consumers are looking for convenience in shopping from their homes and are more tuned to navigate online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. Big names…

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Add Simple Products to K-Kart

Products First, open Earth Girl Instant Site from cPanel, then edit your site. From the left-hand menu, click Products > Add New. This opens a page where you can then configure your first product. On the right-hand pane you’ll immediately see a place to upload an image. Click this image placeholder and select a product image.…

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Add Categories to K-Kart

Product Categories First, open Earth Girl Instant Site from cPanel, then edit your site. From the left-hand menu, click Products > Categories. Click Add New on the top-right of the screen. This brings up a form where you’ll enter the details of your new category. Name: Enter the name of your category. Slug: This is…

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debunk popular link-building myths

What Makes a High-Quality Link? Debunking some Myths

There are several myths and a whole lot of misinformation regarding link building. Some even claim that link building is now obsolete and is of no particular use. However, that is not true, and you should not let such baseless rumors limit the potential of your link-building campaign. Here, we discuss what makes a high-quality link and debunk…

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Enable K-Kart E-Commerce

KKcart E-Commerce is a beta software compatible with Earth Girl Instant Site that converts your website into a web store with basic features. The first step is to open Earth Girl Instant Site from cPanel, then edit your site. From the left-hand menu, go to Settings > Features. Click ‘Enable Kkart E-Commerce’, then click Save…

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