Email Security Solutions

Keep your inbox and networks secure from spam, viruses, and malware with next-gen email protection.

What features does our email security service offer?

We offer three types of email security services: Incoming Email Filtering, Outgoing Email Filtering, and Email Archiving.

With incoming email filtering, your inbox is protected from spam, viruses, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Outgoing email filtering fully protects your network, preventing security leaks and reducing the risks of IP blacklisting and issues with email delivery.

Email archiving prevents data loss and improves legal compliance by securely storing all important communications in a way that makes them easily retrievable. This dual benefit of data protection and facilitated records management enhances both security and organizational governance.

Why do you need it?

Without this service, your organization faces risks in three major areas:

  • Network threats - Unfiltered spam overruns inboxes and opens doors to malware infiltration through vulnerabilities.
  • Reputational damage – Your network can inadvertently send spam or malware without proper outbound filtering, leading to IP blacklisting.
  • Legal/compliance issues - Lack of archiving means losing access to past correspondence, risking non-compliance with regulations, and jeopardizing contracts or deals.

Using an integrated email security solution, you eliminate such risks!


How does it work?

  • The incoming filter automatically checks your incoming emails in the SpamExperts cloud system in real-time. Any messages identified as spam or potentially harmful will be sent to quarantine where you have an eagle-eye view to monitor them all.
  • The outgoing filter securely analyzes emails from your domain to prevent abuse and keeps the reputation of your domain. You have the option to automatically or manually block abusive accounts.
  • The email archiving system encrypts and stores your emails using a cloud-based system and lets you retrieve them anytime.

See how little it costs to future-proof your email security

Our email security plans start at just $2.99 USD per month.