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SSL Certificates Simplified: 8 Things You Should Know

By Navid Nekouee / November 1, 2023

While browsing the web, you have likely noticed the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar. Alternatively, you may have encountered error messages that prevent you from accessing certain web pages due to an insecure connection. These situations occur when the website you are trying to visit does not have an SSL certificate. But what…

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The 5 Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2023

By Navid Nekouee / October 23, 2023

While built-in WordPress security is said to be adequate, it is still essential for website owners to consider additional security measures. WordPress is a very popular platform today, and hackers are well aware of its potential vulnerabilities, enabling infiltration from unexpected angles. Unfortunately, this popularity comes with drawbacks as potential attackers can easily identify common…

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7 Reasons to Keep Your Website Up to Date

By Earth Girl Hosting / April 15, 2022

Regularly updating your website is a pivotal part of running an online business. When you keep your website’s content, design, and software updated, visitors find your site more trustworthy. As a result, they are more likely to purchase from your website. However, many businesses neglect this part. They don’t often realize that in today’s competitive…

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8 Tips for Personal and Business Cyber Security

By Earth Girl Hosting / October 1, 2021

The importance of cyber-security has never been more pronounced than it is in today’s data-driven world. The more time we spend online, the more we create and share our personal details and other data. If the wrong hands end up getting access to this data, it could jeopardize your financial and other crucial personal information.…

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