The 5 Best Security Plugins for WordPress in 2023

By Navid Nekouee / October 23, 2023

While built-in WordPress security is said to be adequate, it is still essential for website owners to consider additional security measures. WordPress is a very popular platform today, and hackers are well aware of its potential vulnerabilities, enabling infiltration from unexpected angles. Unfortunately, this popularity comes with drawbacks as potential attackers can easily identify common…

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How to Add Your Phone Number to the Navigation Menu

By Navid Nekouee / October 8, 2023

Have you ever noticed how some websites show their phone number really clearly at the top of the page? At first look, you may not think about it but there is a plan behind making the contact details so easy to find! Businesses know that some customers still want to talk to a real person…

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How to temporarily Disable Your Website

By Navid Nekouee / August 21, 2023

In many cases, updates and modifications can be made to your WordPress site without requiring downtime. However, there may come a time when you need to temporarily disable your website. For example, your e-commerce business can’t carry out orders as required or has too little inventory to continue selling online for a period. Or you…

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