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What Is Error 500? And How to Fix it on Any Website

By Navid Nekouee / February 26, 2024

It’s very probable that you’ve come across an unwelcome message from a website displaying an error 500 status code. This error indicates the website encountered an unforeseen technical issue that prevented your request from being processed successfully. Unlike client-side 404 errors which blame the user, a 500 error means trouble on the website’s end. This…

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The Best Ways to Fix All 404 Errors

By Navid Nekouee / December 29, 2023

In response to a client request, a server can return a variety of 400-level HTTP error codes. An error code of this type is 404. It indicates that the page you are trying to reach is not available. As a user, encountering a 404 error feels like hitting a wall. You wonder if it was…

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How To Transfer To a New Web Hosting Service

By Navid Nekouee / November 14, 2023

Planning to switch to a new web hosting provider? Of course, when you need better performance, improved reliability, or more affordable pricing, transferring to a new hosting provider makes sense. Taking the time to understand the process to transfer to a new web hosting service may seem challenging at first. But, not to worry as…

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How to Add Your Phone Number to the Navigation Menu

By Navid Nekouee / October 8, 2023

Have you ever noticed how some websites show their phone number really clearly at the top of the page? At first look, you may not think about it but there is a plan behind making the contact details so easy to find! Businesses know that some customers still want to talk to a real person…

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How to temporarily Disable Your Website

By Navid Nekouee / August 21, 2023

In many cases, updates and modifications can be made to your WordPress site without requiring downtime. However, there may come a time when you need to temporarily disable your website. For example, your e-commerce business can’t carry out orders as required or has too little inventory to continue selling online for a period. Or you…

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7 Reasons to Keep Your Website Up to Date

By Earth Girl Hosting / April 15, 2022

Regularly updating your website is a pivotal part of running an online business. When you keep your website’s content, design, and software updated, visitors find your site more trustworthy. As a result, they are more likely to purchase from your website. However, many businesses neglect this part. They don’t often realize that in today’s competitive…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

By Earth Girl Hosting / February 1, 2022

In the modern era of e-commerce, it is pretty much impossible to maximize your business revenues and profits without a commercial website. Through a website, you can establish a firm online presence, and reach out to audiences all across the globe. However, this is only possible if your website turns out to be successful, and…

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Tips to Remember While Choosing a Domain Name

By Earth Girl Hosting / January 7, 2022

Are you planning to start a new website? Or maybe you are just rebranding an existing one? Either way, you need a domain name that will form the basis of your website’s identity and make it stand out from your competitors. Choosing the right domain name for your website is vital for this. You might…

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Why Is It Important to Keep Your Website Simple?

By Earth Girl Hosting / December 15, 2021

Your website can be considered the key hub for your business, and you might want to use that hub to communicate as much information with your viewers as possible. However, in the quest to make your website highly informative, you cannot compromise on its design and appearance. If your website design is not up-to-the-mark, your…

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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect E-Commerce Website Design

By Earth Girl Hosting / October 31, 2021

Over the last few years, we have started using the internet for pretty much everything, from learning, working, entertainment, to, of course, shopping. Needless to say, entering the world of e-commerce has never been more lucrative than it is today. Running an online business – regardless of the product or service you are selling –…

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