What is a Dedicated IP Address?

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a set of numbers that identifies a device on a network. All connections to the Internet also have a unique IP address - your router, your phone (when not on Wi-Fi), and much more.

What is My IP Address?

There are many services online that will quickly display your current IP address. Often ISPs (Internet Service Providers ~ who you pay for your Internet) will use dynamic IP addresses. This means your IP address likely changes, and often.  A couple of sites that will display your IP:

Want more details?


Now, keep in mind that the above display the IP for the route you're connecting to the Internet with (i.e., your router's IP). It's not the IP for your website.  So, let's get to that...

My Website Has an IP Address?

If you're on shared hosting, your IP address will be that of the server that you're on. Your server has a dedicated IP and your website will have the same IP address.

What is a Dedicated IP Address for a Website?

A dedicated IP address is an IP that doesn't change and is dedicated to one device, or in this case, one account on a device. If your website has a dedicated IP address, it means it's only used for your domain name and no one else shares it.

Do I Need a Dedicated IP Address for My Website?

In short, with Earth Girl hosting, the answer will be no. It's not required it for your website to function, or for the installation of an SSL certificate. You can get by with never having a dedicated IP address on our servers.

When might that change? The reasons are iffy -

  • You send bulk email from your cPanel/email account. This is the #1 reason, and we don't recommend doing it. Mass mailings can get your IP address banned, so we have a limit in place. Instead, use an established mailing list service will suit you better. Mailchimp and Elastic Email are great choices! If you're using WordPress, you can use the feature-packed Tribulant Newsletter plugin to send emails from within WordPress.
  • Your website neighbors might have questionable content. If they get banned, you could too! No worries, we keep an eye on this. But if you really don't like sharing (and that's ok!), a dedicated IP would be the best way to go!
  • Your website is growing and traffic is through the roof!  Traffic wouldn't really boost your need for a dedicated IP, but it would be a good reason to consider a dedicated server. This means that everything on that server is just for you, no sharing, no worrying about anyone else.

Do I Need a Dedicated IP Address to Use an SSL Certificate?

With some hosts, that is the case. With Earth Girl Hosting, it's not required due to our server setup.

Is a Dedicated IP Address Recommended for SEO Ranking?

There are conflicting reports on this topic; however, when you start climbing the ranks of SEO and your traffic increases, you should consider a dedicated server  - not just a dedicated IP address. With that said, the faster your website, the better it ranks in search engines.

Where Can I Get a Dedicated IP Address for My Website?

Your dedicated IP address has to be issued by your web host, as it is obtained and secured on their server. If you host with Earth Girl Hosting and would like this add on, please contact our billing support for a quote.

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