debunk popular link-building myths

What Makes a High-Quality Link? Debunking some Myths

There are several myths and a whole lot of misinformation regarding link building. Some even claim that link building is now obsolete and is of no particular use. However, that is not true, and you should not let such baseless rumors limit the potential of your link-building campaign. Here, we discuss what makes a high-quality link and debunk popular link-building myths.

The Makings of a Good Quality Link

A good quality link is naturally incorporable into blogs and web pages. The link should be from a well-reputed and well-ranking website as these are generally considered trustworthy sites by Google. Though you can still get pretty good traffic from websites that appear on the second or third page, try to get links from those that appear on the first for even better results.

Perhaps the most common problem with the inclusion of links is that including one generically is quite challenging. In fact, almost next to impossible for some of the more unique products. However, there is an art to building high-quality links, and if you are an expert, you will know that nothing is impossible. Here, we debunk some of the most common link-building myths.

Myth 1: Links are No Longer Effective!

Occasionally, you might come across one or two marketers trying to convince you that link-building campaigns are a thing of the past. Wrong! Link-building campaigns are just as and perhaps even more effective now than they were 10 years ago. As the number of sellers and online entrepreneurs trying to establish themselves as authority grows, the importance of good quality backlinks does too.

Myth 2: Links are Now Considered Spam by Google Algorithm 

Google has made some massive changes to its algorithm over the years. Thus, SEO practices have changed, too, as marketers change practices to ensure their sites rank well. Where marketers once focused on getting as many links as possible, they now focus on getting one or two high-quality links only.

Google has made upgrades to its algorithm and can now distinguish between good quality and poor-quality links. If your page features poor-quality links from ill-reputed sites, it will consider your page to be spam as well.

Myth 3: Top News Sites Only Give No-Follow Links

Now, this is a complete myth and one that is quite popular too. However, there is little to no truth in it. Before you reach out to top-tier news sites, you may want to reach out to your contacts and learn more about their editorial policies. Some sites only offer no-follow links as a rule, but links from most other websites count towards your page’s rankings and help your site rank better.

Myth 4: Social Media Links are Not Important

Again, there is little to no truth to this statement. Social media links are just as good at bringing in more traffic to your website. The higher the traffic, the better it is for your site, as it helps improve your SEO rankings by establishing you as a trusted site.

In Summary...

Don’t let anyone tell you not to waste time on link-building campaigns. They are still relevant and can help your site improve its SEO. We have tried to debunk popular link-building myths and clearly state what makes a high-quality link to help you improve your link-building campaign

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