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How Can An Underperforming Website Damage Your Business?

When the internet was first introduced as a mainstream way to sell products and services, simply having a website was more than enough to establish you as one of the top businesses in your niche. However, that no longer cuts it as websites are absolutely essential in today’s world. So, if you want to leverage a website to your advantage, you will have to go the extra mile. Here, we discuss – how can an underperforming website damage your business?

Search engines have made significant changes to their algorithms from the time internet was first introduced to now. In fact, Google lets out multiple updates to its search engine algorithm every year. Therefore, if you want to establish an online presence, you will need to do more than just have a website. You will have to optimize the website for search engines and as per customer preferences.

You now have to make sure even your website offers your customers value. Thus, you will have to optimize your website to ensure it is performing at its best. Load speed is a critical component of website performance—speed thrills and wins in the online sphere. In fact, a slow website can be severely damaging to your business in multiple ways.

It Leaves a Bad First Impression

A well-optimized website is clear, beautifully designed, and, most importantly, fast. An underperforming website is the exact opposite and will not be visually appealing at all. It will load slowly and look outdated; it could have grammatical errors and will not be easy to navigate through. If that is the first impression visitors get, they will leave immediately and might even leave a bad review online.

You Lose Customers

Imagine going through the trouble of designing a campaign and getting a potential lead only to lose it as soon as the customer visits your website. Unfortunately, that is very much a possibility as an underperforming website takes forever to load.

According to SEMrush, if your website loads within 5 seconds, it performs better than 25% of the websites online. But is that enough? No, it is not. Thus, you should try to ensure your website loads within 2 to 3 seconds to ensure it falls among the best performing websites online, eliminating the chances of you losing customers to a faster site.

You Could Lose Mobile Users 

If you don’t optimize your website, you probably haven’t made it mobile-friendly either. We cannot stress how important it is to have a mobile-friendly website nowadays. According to a report by Statista, mobile users made up approximately half of the total website traffic in the first quarter of 2021.

Suppose your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version; you will lose a substantial amount of customers to competitors who offer customers the ease of viewing your products and services on their mobile devices.

In Summary

There are many other ways an unoptimized website can be damaging for your business. In fact, the discussion on how an underperforming website can damage your business is quite extensive. We have tried to summarize the main points in this blog post. However, if you want more information, reach out to us for an in-depth consultation.

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